windowsFor anyone who is buying a new home or who is getting their home remodeled, one of the most important things to consider is whether the windows are in good condition. A window that has warped or that is cracked can not only damage your property, but it can cause a hike in your energy bills, since your AC unit has to work much harder to keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If the windows are damaged, you should definitely get them replaced as soon as possible. This is where you can make an important decision: should you get double or triple pane windows? We have the pros and cons of both options for you to keep in mind.

Double Pane Windows

  • Pros: Only one spacer is used to separate the panes in this kind of window. This allows the window to fit into narrower frames. For people who own old homes, sometimes this is the only option available unless they want to change all of the frames, as well. These kind of windows are durable and provide great amount of insulation, making them perfect for hot and cold climates. Not only will you be saving money by installing these, but you will be helping the environment by using less energy with which to heat or cool your home.
  • Cons: These windows tend to be more expensive. They also cannot provide you with significant savings unless you change all of the windows in your home. For some people this is just not possible.

Triple Pane Windows

  • Pros: The insulation that these windows provide is the best. You will see a huge reduction in your energy bill with these panes, since there are three layers between you and the elements. For people who live in extreme climates, this is a serious option to consider. These windows are also durable, meaning you will not have to worry about replacing them too soon. For people who want to save money, this is a good choice.
  • Cons: The triple glaze requires space. these windows can warm a frame that is not suited for it easily, making it very difficult to get the kind of seal you want. They are also more expensive than double pane windows, so it is important to consider this if you are working with a limited budget and you have to change all of the window panes in your home.

Double and triple pane windows can be a great option for homeowners who want maximum insulation from the elements and who want brand new windows they can depend on at all times. Window installations are always a stressful process, so consider hiring experts to help you. They can also give you tips as to which options are the best ones for your home. With the right company to guide you and by taking the time to learn about double and triple pane windows, you will have quality windows in place in no time at all.


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